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FREE Style Consultation for Women at BEETEES in Nelson

Here at Beetees we just love to assist all our lovely ladies in finding their comfort zone and at the same time giving them an edgy look and most importantly their own style.

It can be very daunting trying some of the new trends; however in every range we always provide that point of difference to encompass every shape, size and height.  All these components are integral to the fit and style of a garment in suiting our customer.

Another important factor is colour - what suits your skin type? So many ladies are not bringing out their best attributes because they are really wearing a shade that does nothing to enhance their skin tone, As we age our skin tones change and what we wore in our youth doesn’t work in later years.

All of this information may seem serious, but it is WOW when we see our customers looking fantastic, feeling amazing and rocking our product. So if you are at your wits end in trying to put together outfits we have key items and fun pieces to see, pop in and see Lorraine, Linda and Cheryl at Beetees, 243 Trafalgar Street Nelson.

This service is free – we just require your time, Allow an hour or so.

Contact Beetees Nelson for your FREE style consultation today; (03) 546 8700 or email