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  • 12 March 2014
  • Glen Beattie

BEETEES Autumn and Winter womens fashions instore

Hi Everyone

Our Winter collections are arriving daily with probably about ¾ of our stock now in store. The emphasis is certainly on colour with some edgy and well designed garments now on display.

Without sounding like a hard sell!!, already, some lines, particularly in pants have almost sold out. While we are trying to get some more, this is not always possible, as most suppliers make to order 6 months in advance.

For a quick look at some of the new arrivals, check out our website, where currently we have about 25 style’s up for you, with more to come.

BEETEES online shop winter womens fashions

Check out BEETEES Online Shop here.

Postage via BEETEES Nelson and Motueka

I know I’m probably  “preaching to the converted” here, but with the mail now taking over 7 days to reach most of you, and costs rising, (each mailout costs us over $3000) it is inevitable we look at other methods of looking after you, our VIP customer. We have some ideas in mind and hopefully will let you know in advance over the next few weeks. In the meantime, we will keep corresponding to you via email. We currently have about 25% of our VIP customers on email, so still away to go.

Summer Styles at reduced prices at BEETEES

Selected Summer styles at sale prices at BEETEES

Summer 2014 styles being chosen by BEETEES

Best quality best price BEETEESIt’s interesting that as this Summer comes to an end Lorraine is seeing our suppliers and ordering our next Summer range, which again she is very excited about.
It is probably timely to point out where we stand in this regard… BEETEES is not in the market for cheap garments made to throw away after a couple of months, nor are we in the market for very high end labels. BEETEES is all about, excellent quality at the best possible price. 

We guarantee each purchase, and will exchange or refund any of our products if found to be faulty. Our buyers travel around the world twice a year, especially the UK, Europe and North America, ensuring our designs are up to date, edgy and have that point of difference… We are proud of our product and are very excited to see our garments on the streets of Nelson, Motueka and elsewhere in NZ.

BEETEES Website - fashion shopping online

We are now into our second season online… it certainly has been an interesting time with sales right across New Zealand and a number from Australia. Many thanks to those of you who have supported our online presence. We will continue to develop this area of BEETEES. We don’t expect everyone to buy online, although of course they may do so, however we hope by just having a look you can compare our styles and of course our prices. We are always open to suggestions and advice; just email me on

Check out BEETEES Online Shop here.

Contact BEETEES for appointments to style

Get styled by the BEETEES fashion gurus instoreWe have a number of you who wish to use the expertise of Lorraine and Sue in Nelson and Flo, Charmaine and Sue in Motueka to advise or comment on your soon to be purchased wardrobe!

We are more than happy to offer this service…. Just phone us on 03 546 8700 in Nelson, or 03 528 7460 in Motueka, to make an appointment. The girls love dressing you up!!

We look forward to seeing you in-store or online soon.
Kind regards,
Lorraine, Glen, and the teams at BEETEES Motueka and Nelson.

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