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  • 18 June 2018
  • Beetees Nelson

Hi there,

Uniquely Nelson City is infectious during the Winter with leaves falling from the trees in gorgeous rich hues of reds ad gold, littering the streets, providing a wondrous ambience. I love this city.

Well so far this Winter it has been rather chilly...more so than last year and we still have more to come no doubt.

At BEETEES we still have a huge range of Winter garments, so if you need a top-up to get your through please pop in and check us out as we have gone into sale with 30% to 40% off all out Winter ranges, so some great purchases to be offered to you. (This excludes new arrivals, scarves, jewellery and hosiery).

We have new spring items arriving daily and these are fabulous for those of you lucky enough to be heading for a break in warmer climates, but also to be worn here in early spring.

This week I have purchased some amazing socks and we can't wait for them to arrive. They are a German brand, featuring exciting colours and fabrics...certainly different to what we usually have, with fabulous textures and the quality is of a high standard.

We still have a great rang of Vassalli cords and jeans, sooo popular in the cooler months of Winter, with great shades to give your wardrobe a punch of colour...we look better in brighter hues especially during the dull months.

We hope you are keeping warm and cosy and most importantly popping in to see us with all our great bargains to offer.

30% to 40% off all garments with the exception of new arrivals and accessories which includes jewellery, scarves and hosiery.

Reduced to clear racks stay as priced.

Gosh we are so lucky to have such a place to call our own.

Keep snuggly and healthy and we look forward to seeing you,


Lara, Glen, Sue, Linda & Bronte


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