Merry Christmas 2019

  • 24 December 2019
  • Beetees Nelson

It is that crazy happy time of the year again and we once again look forward to sharing the day and special moments with friends and family.  This is the time to also spread some goodwill and to take into account all those people who may not have the happiest of times because of illness and other trauma . Spare a thought for those less fortunate and do something to brighten their day just the smallest gesture can mean so much.

Be safe and take care over the busy period where people tend to be rushing here, there an everywhere, be patient and don’t sweat the small stuff because in the end everything is just small stuff.

All the team at BEETEES wish you all a Wonderful Christmas and of course a Safe and Happy New Year 2020. We will catch up with you all at the shop over the festive season with great sale specials  and in January the first of the Merino arrives and we all know how popular the new knitwear is……

Cheers Larra


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