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  • 15 March 2018
  • Glen Beattie


Well there is certainly an Autumnal edge appearing to the early morning and evening temperatures but the days are mellow and warm, my fav time of the year.

A BEETEES we are unloading boxes of fabulous Autumn and early Winter garments. Luxurious fabrics, textures and cosy. Colours are vibrant and perfect to pair back against the richer hues of jackets, pants, leggings and jeans.

Shirts are a strong fashion statement this season, so the opportunity to mix and match with various colour combinations is allowing you to create several different looks with just three or four key pieces. We just love working with colours together to make an edgy collection for our customers.

The shapes of the jackets and knitwear make it easy to create an individual look which allows that point of difference from everyone else.

Vassalli are providing us with a brilliant range of cords and jeans...always popular, especially for fit, quality and comfort.

At BEETEES we have a gorgeous textured range of hats, beanies and scarves, as you all know these complete your wardrobe and add a little piece of pizzazz to your final choices.

I love this time of the year, so if you get a chance to pop in and say hi, take a look at our Winter selection and don't hesitate to ask for any assistance, we just love to partake in your Winter wardrobe choices.

Don't forget, Ladies, if you are part of our VIP customer base you will always get 15% off all purchases with us at BEETEES, as we value your support and custom and appreciate your continued loyalty.

Keep warm, Cheers from, Lara, Glen, Sue, Linda & Bronte.



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