Instruction for Online Shopping at Beetees Nelson

  • 1 October 2021
  • Glen Beattie

Instruction for Online Shopping

Our system has a new multi-step self-explanatory secured checkout.
However, for your quick information, here are some tips.

On arrival at check out (after choosing your items)

  1. Enter your email in the customer details form if you are ordering for the first time on online. Else Click on Login Tab.
  2. Fill up your shipping address.
  3. Select the shipping option.
  4. In Discount Code, click Add a discount code (if Applicable depending on our sale promotion and VIP Member Entitlement, Sign up Now to recieved a code to 15% off the normal retail price all year round ).
  5. Select Credit/ debit card (Stripe) or Paypal Payment.
  6. Review your details and click on Place order & Pay
  7. It will take you to a secured Pay with Paypal payment system.
  8. Log in your PayPal if you are paying through PayPal or Click Pay with a bank account or credit card box.
  9. Fill in credit card details – click Pay now.



Thank you for purchasing with us. 

Finally, we enjoy welcoming you to BEETEES Nelson….it is our pleasure to have a chat to you, and of course you are always free to just browse if you wish.

Find out more about BEETEES in Nelson >>> click here 

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