How to style for your body shape this summer at Beetees!

  • 28 November 2017
  • Glen Beattie

Father Christmas is dusting off his red suit and cleaning his boots which means Christmas is looking on the horizon and summer holidays are nigh.

In Nelson with gorgeous weather and signature holiday destinations, Beetees has combined their garments to offer modern and sophisticated dressing with ease, thus resulting in styles that update the look you love, which is why you should embrace change but still work within expressing your own personal style and shape.

I want to focus this time on the 7/8 and 3/4 pant, many women seem to think they are unable to wear this length of pant because they are either too short, or for the matter, too tall. Personally, anyone can wear these lengths as they can all be shortened or lengthened with relevance to your height. So if in doubt come in and see the girls at Beetees and just have a try on session with various styles.

The 'Capn Pant' with an elastic waist is a winner with many ladies this summer and if the zip front with a waistband is more your prevalence, then we have them as well. Vassalli have just dropped in a new fresh high summer range - gorgeous long length camis, pull on capris in white, black and also crambray 3/4 with dots, plus some stylish cotton knitwear.

At Beetees we also have gift vouchers, an easy and fabulous Christmas gift for that special person in your life, allowing the receiver to browse and select her favourite pieces of clothing from our trendy, edgy, in-season collections.

The girls (Susa and Tessa-Mae) are getting excited about Father Christmas coming and have already put up their Christmas stockings. They look up at them as they go past just in case some goodies have fallen out... a year goes by and they still know exactly what these items mean... pity their selective hearing isn't more in tune like that.

Merry Christmas to you all and be safe, enjoy the time with families and friends and spare a thought for those out there that are less fortunate. Better still, if you know of someone who is lonely or with no-one at Christmas invite them to join in with you on Christmas day, that is what the Christmas spirit should be about, with a little of the other kind of spirit thrown in as well, just a glass or two.

Quote for the month:

"With fashion it's all about timing, if it's too soon no one understands, if it's too late, everyone's forgotten." Anna Wintour

Below: The girls Santa sacks hanging above the door and our lovely Christmas tree we decorated over the weekend.


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