Beetees opens Online at COVID-19 Level 3

  • 21 April 2020
  • Beetees Nelson

A big hello to all of you from myself and the team at BEETEES. We hope you are all safe in your bubbles and your friends and family are as well. These times are certainly having an impact on the world as we know it and as humans, I think we all feel disconnected to reality when our lives have virtually been put on hold. Of course our gratitude to all the Health workers, Freight movers, Cleaners, Supermarket staff, Chemist staff, Doctors and Nurses plus many more who are giving their time for all of us to ensure our safety is beyond what words can express…..they are heroes every one of them.

We at BEETEES are really missing you all, and wondering how you all are through this time, we miss the interaction we have with you not only for clothing but just all the general chats and conversations we seem to have with so many of you and it is those times that make our days at work so enjoyable, we just can’t wait to open up again and to welcome you all back.


It seems we may be turning a corner and entering Level 3 by Tuesday next week so we will be able to safely sell online by then. While our website is open now… We won’t be in a position to deliver until next week. We are very happy for you to have a look online now and even purchase if you wish, however delivery won’t be until early next week. For the many of you who look but are not sure if the style will fit or want some more info, give Lorraine a call on 03 5468700.

When in level 3, if preferred we can personally deliver to your bubble in the Nelson to Richmond areas and if it suites, could wait (2 metres away) while you try it on and it looks awesome!!!! Anywhere else Fastway Couriers will deliver free of charge. 
We have such a stunning array of cozy soft gorgeous knitwear in store at the moment for the oncoming cooler months and fantastic warm cords and pants to accompany them. Dresses with warm and easy to wear styles that will look amazing with fun hats and jewelry tp accessorize them. I look down on the shop from the office and it seems so sad to have all this great array of winter clothing just sitting on the racks, however I am also optimistic that we will be able to fill all your needs very shortly.

We are very lucky to live in such a beautiful city such as Nelson, and Autumn has given us some stunning weather to enjoy as we hunker down, so my team and I wish you all the very best.

Hopefully, very soon, we can reconnect where we left off in March.

BE SAFE, BE KIND, BE PATIENT and take the time to look out for others who may need assistance, a phone call to say HI can mean so much in these very unusual times. I know how grateful we have been to get encouraging phone calls from many of you.

Thanks for reading my little ramble… I will be in touch next week when we reach level 3.

Larra, Glen, Sue and Linda

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