10 Minutes With Buyer, Larraine, From Beetees!

  • 17 October 2017
  • Glen Beattie

Summer can be a challenging season to buy, what were your inspirations behind your buying and what can we expect to see at Beetees?

"Summer is not so much of a challenge for me, and I must admit I do enjoy the fabrications and layering of the Winter season but summer is much more simplistic and in most cases more colourful. My inspirational base for Summer 17/18 is in the European trends….. the fuller pant coming through, the casual sporty look, and the soft textures of the fabrics. Of course I’m always looking for that point of difference that provides an edgy look."

The Beetees customer loves quality, fabrics and style, how did this influence your buying for the season?

"The quality of fabrics, natural fibres and great patterns influence my buying this summer. This ensures our customers are getting garments that are trending internationally but don’t have the massed produced look!"

You have been a buyer and designer for many years in fashion, what makes this season different to other seasons and are there any stand out tends? 

"Every season is different… of course there are winners from the previous season that we will repeat with a different colour spectrum and sometimes a change of fabric, but there is always a new look emerging and if I like the trend and style, and can visualise the garment on our customers, then I will certainly back it. Stand out trends for us at Beetees this summer is the sporty relaxed look using natural fabrics. In this regard we have a great range of linen in shirts, pants and jackets."

You're a lady of fashion yourself, what will we see you wearing this season and why?

"I will be wearing Linen and Cotton pieces once the heat is on, especially the sporty relaxed garments… so comfortable, cool, and edgy."

When you get the chance to switch off from fashion and Beetees, what do you do to relax and enjoy your down time?

"Relaxing for me is spending some quality time with Glen and our two gorgeous mini short haired Dachshunds …. Tesa Mae and Susa. Also gardening, cooking and spending some time with close friends, doing lunch and the odd movie… good times. During the summer months we try to get to Kaiteriteri in our caravan (which we don’t use enough!!!!) and we love to BBQ."


Check out some of Larraine's favourite picks online so far through the links above. More styles are arriving in-store and online weekly, so be sure to connect with our social media pages and online newsletters to stay in fashion at Beetees!

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