Black Detail Dress By Zaket & Plover


The "Back Detail Dress" by Zaket & Plover is a stunning and sophisticated garment that captivates with its alluring design and attention to detail.

This elegant dress is the epitome of modern chic, featuring a classic silhouette with a twist. The front of the dress exudes timeless elegance, while the true magic lies in the captivating back detail. The designers at Zaket & Plover have carefully crafted a mesmerizing and unique back design that sets this dress apart from the rest.

The back of the dress may boast a low-cut V-neck, a captivating lace panel, or intricate strap arrangements, all meticulously tailored to add an element of surprise and allure to your look. The combination of classic front and alluring back creates a perfect balance, making the dress ideal for both formal occasions and sophisticated evenings out.

CODE No.: ZP5546A